River Range Music Fest

The River Range Music Fest is returning for the third installment in January 2016. January 30th will see a 14 Band/Artist line up descend into Cromwell to take the stage at The RR Music Fest.

 General Questions 

What is the closest airport to the venue?

Queenstown International Airport is the closest. Approximately 45 minutes by vehicle from Queenstown to Cromwell.

is there Food at our festival?

There will be a wide variety of food vendors at our festival- meeting the demands and taste of all our festival goers (gluten free options available)- at affordable prices. See Festival Map for our River Range “FOOD COURT” . Food will be available from 1pm to LATE.

* Light snack food can be bought into the fest- please do not bring large chilly bins or labelled branded takeaway food.

What is provided at the River Range Music Fest Venue?

There will be toilet facilities in the form of a permanent toilet block, plus extra toilets in the vicinity. Car Parking- day and overnight. There will be the RR Food Court catering to all the hunger requirements- EFT POS will be available.

A Merchandise Tent – where you can obtain Band /Artist Merchandise. As all our line up , this is their profession so please support them buy their music and support local and NZ Artists.

 A ‘Chill Out” Alcohol Free Zone – which will enable you to relax, sit down and revive the energy levels out of the sun.

Bar facilities and a separate ‘Wine’ Zone will enable you to quench your thirst throughout the day & night- There will also be EFT POS available but it is advised that due to slow moving cues- bring lots of cash!!.

Free sunscreen will be available in the Chill Out Zone, so if you feel the burn make your way to Slip Slop Slap.

RR has a Tattoo Tent, thanks to The Throne Room Tattoo from Invercargill- this will be open in the afternoon til early evening- so get some INK

There will be lots to look at , see and do - so take it all in- we cannot give too much away- but we aim to give you the best little festival experience in central otago!

What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance?

We hope to provide a safe environment for RR Festival goers and for the whole family!. There will be services available onsite or on-call in case of an medical emergency. We will have First-Aid available on site, plus access to the racecourse’s med bay in the main building.

Dehydration can be caused by many things but please remember to keep yourself well hydrated & feed as the festival runs for 10 hours with many of those hours being in the heat of the Central Otago sun!- so please sun-stroke can cause major issues if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of the day.

If you or someone you observe may be distressed or suffering from any kind of medical emergency please DO NOT hesitate in alerting the nearest event security personal or RR Event Crew- in turn if the problem cannot be resolved we will make the call to the emergency services located in Cromwell Town.


There will be limited transport from the Festival into Cromwell during the last live act. We have secured 1 mini van to do some runs into central Cromwell - NO DOOR TO DOOR. Please be aware space will be limited. This service is offered as a free service and is subject to the organisers discretion, and availablity of drivers.

RR advise that it is best to get dropped off and or arrange pick -ups for the day and night  or if your’e feeling fit a lovely stroll home to town would only take 20 minutes but please be aware that you will need to cross the main highway.

We have a camping option now available so you can stay onsite which is a much better option in our opinion. $65pp for camp + GA ticket.

What else should I know?

Please respect the venue and everything inside our wonderful event! There will be a lot to see and partake in as well as our amazing music, there will be visual & live art on display so make sure you also respect their art enjoy it as much as we will!

Pace yourself! Eat enough, drink enough water (it’s really important to stay hydrated).. There will be FREE water available and well sign posted. Also, if you can bring patience and a sense of humour, it will be a great gift to yourself as well as those around you, and it will help you to get the most out of your experience. Be a good Festival goer, respect others & the magnificent Artists on show at our RR Festival.

Keep updated with RR through our FB Page and our website.

Most of all- we want everyone to spread the word- tell your friends/ family that this will truly be the event of the summer. Cost effective for all ages, and a must for all fans of Music & Art.


Thank you to our major funders for 2017


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